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BACX #9 - Boughton Farm 273
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going on these past few weeks, the winter trophy series is starting up as i start the 2010 season training, planning, etc.

lots of new sponsors to the mix which as it turns out, has me running pretty much the stock Pivot 429 XTR build up, minus a few parts here and there.

house work is looking like it is coming to an end, which is good. odd as it sounds, racing and work soaks up so much of my time that i have never had the room in my house or time to actually ever have a kitchen table. will be an odd site at my house to finally have a table.

and, i got a ton of parts to sell off to fund my 2010 racing and bike builds. check 'em out!

2009 cross nationals - sorry i couldn't be there. see you in 2010.

sologoat out

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