winter tropy race #1

was cold and slick, but a good time - and my new gear setup was running awesome.

a few weeks back at the boughton farm monkey on my back cross race, i dropped my chain 3 times. that's 3 times too many.

off with the 42 salsa ring, salsa ring guard and chain watcher.

on with the pauls chain guide and a salsa 40tooth ring. (42 will be kept around for flatter courses - and when i am not pedaling through 2 inches of snow)

fields were small, but the course was fun and flowing - and saw me hit the deck twice. was the second race where i was running my velocity wheels with challenge fango tubulars. after the race i was pretty much convinced i'll be running tubulars all next years cross season as i could rail it through the slippy s turn at the end - the tires gripped super well (only 2 wheel slide it once) and the sidewalls don't give out like a conventional clincher. never could hit that corner with that much speed or i would of been on the deck otherwise.

duked it out with matt most of the race and took the win. great course layout where you had to concentrate the whole time or you would hit the deck.

next up - let the mileage begin. with most of my house work done, i got vacation days to burn and hours to get in.

and now, i even have a kitchen table and no scaffolding in my living room.

sologoat out

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