boughton farm

last race in the cleveland series, at the start was around 30 degrees.

sun came out, and so did the mud - 8 derailleurs saw their last day in the B race which lead to a slight re-route for our race.

gun went off, matt took off and eventually took the win along with the number one spot in the series. hats off to him - he skooled us all big time this year - today he finished 2 1/2 minutes up on second.

i had a good start, but dropped my chain. so i had to chase.

caught back up to shawn and gerry, dropped it a second time on the second lap.

from there, it was chain tension management - i had to keep constant pressure on the chain or else i felt like it was going to keep popping off.

game plan worked - it stayed on and i tried to reel back in gerry and shawn. got to within 10 seconds, but shawn's attack in the closing laps pushed their gap out just as i...

dropped my chain a 3rd time.

would eventually come in 6th on the day, 4th overall in the series. damn you boughton farm - i am destined to have a good race there, guess it will have to wait until next year.

sologoat out


Metro said...

4th overall, Sweet.

Nice job dude. Now you got some relaxation coming or right into the 2010 MTB training?


Solo Goat said...

a little bit of relaxation, but not much. taking this week easy and then i'll start the long hours next week.