about my bar/shifter setup

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got a few questions recently about my shifter setup, so here goes.

for shifters, i am running a front sram x-0 twist shifter (new old stock from 2009?) with a 2010 xtr rear pod. back in the day, and the guys at speedgoat could give you all the gram/weight details, this was the lighter setup then running both xtr pods.

but in my instance, back in the day, it was also a cheaper setup then running two pods and it also allowed for trimming up the front derailleur a lot better when the chain line gets crazy and the chain starts rubbing on the front derailleur. i ran this on my old cross country bikes, i ran this on my old santa cruz's and asylums and now i am going back to it - mostly because of the chain rub issue.

and to "modify" the ergon grip to a twist shifter variety, i take a hacksaw and whack it off. though i will say, this pretty much voids any warranty from ergon, so beware...

and, the syntace stem - pretty much the only 135mm stem i can find on the market right now (without going custom) and is also pretty light as well. my fit calls for a 135 stem, so that's what i run.

cables, brake housing and pads are all jagwire, headset provided by my pals over at canecreek and thanks to the guys over at magura providing the magura marta sl disc brakes which are the same exact brakes spec'd on the pivot 429 ultralight complete bike.

bars are the easton e90's, flat style. i personally hate any degree of bend as it seems to put my wrists in an odd position and was causing me some wrist fatigue issues after 6 hours.

more pics up later -

sologoat out

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Anonymous said...

135mm stem...yikes. ya need a frame extension huh.