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sorry for the lack o' posts lately, been quite a busy few months of work for me as i am working with a local client to get their accounting system up to speed.

inter-company accounting, multi-currency, SRS reports, and over 50+ line of business's. very complex, very challenging.

training is also picking up again, legs are feeling awesome and the power is starting to increase. last weeks hill ride with phatty was a good one as we put the screws to each other. will be seeing him soon as it's getting time to get wobblenaughted.

i9's are all nice and pretty with new rims and rebuilds and are about to get sent over from the shop with some other fun toys like my easton e90 stupid light bars..

also picking up a set or two of the eggbeater candy's - i will always race the standard pedals but i thought i'd try the candy's out as everybody talks about them all the time (especially for cross) because of the bigger platform. with the sweet limited edition colors and anodized springs from the 'goat, got to get a set. just a theory, but anodized stuff has and always will remain cool.

that's it - gotta roll. sneaking in a bonus ride today - it is 60 degrees at 6am and i am itching for a ride.

sologoat out

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ryanmgotch said...

love the new speedgoat logo. good luck this year ernesto!

bummer about big bear, i was looking forward to it.