numb shins

industry nine 01, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

was what i got today, along with a flat during the local yocal valley race topped off with 2 flats on the way home. nice way to wrap up a cold and wet day.

next up, the cohutta 100, one of my favorite 100 milers - long sustained open climbs. you get clobbered about 30 miles in with basically a 30 mile climb and just when you are feeling like toast, the last 10 or so miles are mostly all single track.

thanks goes out to the industry nine folks for rebuilding up my wheels this year, should be all setup and ready to go by this weekend. if you haven't checked their stuff out lately, they got some new hella cool road wheels with a new front hub that makes for a super stiff front wheel.

that's it - time to get some continental tires on those wheels.

sologoat out

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