6th place at Syllamo Revenge

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whew, another NUE race completed, this time syllamo's revenge in mountain view arkansas.

course was 125km, roughly 95% single track, no sustained climbs and mostly fast'ish rolly types of power climbs. rain left sections a little muddy and the rocks super slippy.

gun went off, christian, jeff and brandon took off. not being able to hold the pace, heart rate screaming, i backed off. with that pace it would surely backfire for those who tried to stay with them, the course was just too demanding.

i snaked into the single track ahead of a single speed rider and kept to my own pace. i boobled once on the first odd sections of rocks and he gave me some crap about me wanting to be in front of him. now, with the energy of being pissed off and the jack tail behind me, i took off.

i then would the next 70 miles by myself.

i pedaled on, riders came back. about 10'ish or so miles in, i caught gerry and andy and eddy. gerry stuck with me for a little while, then i took off.

sitting is 6th position, i started catching site of eventual 4th place rider kip. i damn near caught him, then he took off.

rocks were slippy, i took it easy. on the flatter sections, i locked out the front fork so i could punch it up the short uphills. half the time i forgot it was locked out.

on the 2nd half of the 125km course, we strated catching some of the 50 mile riders - all of whom were very cool and allowed me to pass without mishap.

at this point, forearms were started to cramp up from me trying to crush the little climbs. i stretched them out a bit and the cramps went away.

was also glad the hella section of rocks on the lap 2 section was taken out - just wanted to roll out the last 20 miles fast and that's how it was layed out.

fast, fun, twisty and always kept you on your toes - very tough course, but i loved every mile of it. i think it's a great addition to the NUE series.

would end up 6th on the day.

next up on the my fun filled month o' may -

dirt rag dirt fest and mohican 100.

sologoat out

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