race at the lake #3

DSC_0055, originally uploaded by Robert Sroka.

better late then never, busy work week...

saturday brought race #3 of the RATL series and things picked up pretty quickly.

eventually, a small 3 man break would head up the road, gap got out to about 30 seconds.

13'ish or so laps to go, a rider over lapped a wheel and went down, taking a few others with him. one off to the hospital, the rest a little banged up. hope all is well.

race stopped, and then restarted - and i think the pace was upped by about 2.

gap stretched out to 50 seconds, and the major pulls and surges came - a few from paul, a few from jeremy and i threw in a few too going up the climb. we caught them with 2 to go.

flyers on the left, flyers on the right, some goof trying to go on the inside on the sharp lefty in the parking lot and a high speed sprint brought me 7th for the day.

next up, syllamo's revenge - 125km of offroad fun.

sologoat out

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