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sorry for the lack of posts the last week or so, been pretty hectic at work and life.

got into a little fender bender with my awesome vibe - i am OK, but the car is no more. i am still bummed out a week later - was an a great car. anyhoo, things could of been a lot worse.

dirt fest has come and gone, the riding was awesome and so was catching up with a ton of friends at princeton tec, pivot, dirt rag, stans and niner. beer drinking festivities ran late into the night and fun was had by all.

tuesday night worlds westlake training crit was hectic as ever. think the good weather (finally) made everybody a little jumpy and feeling fast - and the cross winds made the gaps to close a little tougher. i missed a major split 8'ish laps to go and cursed myself for missing it. a few of us starting pulling to chase them back and after one rider pulled through twice at around 5 mph's slower then the rest of us, it gave me the anger to take longer and harder pulls until we caught them back with about 3 to go.

i chased a few others, went for it in the sprint, but somebody went wide in the last corner and washed me off of paul's wheel. dang. but i am still convinced i need to get some standard cranks (as opposed to my compacts) as i am going nowhere fast in the sprints. love the compacts, but i don't think they are doing me any favors in crits.

that's it for now - tonight's race is against the storm headed this way.

sologoat out

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