Ernesto here, out on my way out for my last enduro race of the year, the 24 Hours of Moab which is also doubling up this year as 24 Hour Nationals.

Getting gear to a race is quite a challenge so much so that I actually chose to drive out with my gear and meet up with my pit crew later in the week.

On Sunday, got a chance to ride in Fort Collins Colorado. Weather was cold and raining at the Horsetooth trails, but the climbing and technical riding was great.

Monday AM, the weather was looking the same. It was time to head west, out to the famous trails in Fruita Colorado - the Kokopelli.


Trail system is comprised of loops based mostly off of the Mary Trail and totals up to roughly 35'ish miles.


Fruita also has another set of trails dubbed the 18 road trails - it boosts loops that total well over 100 miles of trails.


And ironically enough, I ran into a friend of friend of Peter from Misfits Cycles riding today - and 3 guys who knew me from the 24 Solo movie.

After today, out to Moab and to start my quest of getting a monkey off my back from a DNF here a few years ago.

Check out all 65 pics from my ride today on my Flickr Account

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