a picture says a 1000 words

packing for moab. heading west. nebraska, through toast mans territory (though not too long, don't like october snow) the into utah for the big dance.

big show down comes the weekend after next & pretty much everybody and there brother are going to be there. will for sure will be the toughest field 24 solo field i have seen in awhile. great way to end up the enduro season.

thanks out to all the sponsors of 2009 - couldn't do it without all your support.

and mucho thanks to all the gang out at the 'goat - think i have talked to them everyday this week. tend to slightly freak out around 24 hour race time.

and - 3 sponsors confirmed already for 2010.

that's it - better run. ipod's to synch up. looks like i'll be rocking out to dj tiesto during the night in moab.

to all my cross pain train friends in cleveland - sorry i'll miss my first clev cross race in about 5 years...

sologoat out


Dave Harris said...

Not to rain on your tiesto party but better save the ipod for driving. This biatch is a USAC affair now and mp3s are on the banned substance list. sucks rocks but what are ya gonna do. I guess we'll have to chat in the middle of the night...

see you in moab!

Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

kept the tradition of bunnyhop across the line going at leroy cross...

good luck at moab.