i am a little hazy

june - fractured tibia

5 days later - loosing my mind. sign up for net flicks.

2 weeks later - able to bend my knee

4 weeks later - rehab starts, lost 1 1/4 inch of muscle mass. start to question rest of the racing year.

4 weeks, 1 day - hell with it, train for moab. physical therapy trainers love me, so they give me extra sets.

moab - get the monkey off my back of a dnf a few years ago, defend top of usa cycyling's top 5. sure hope my leg holds up.

moab - 10 hours in. asthma kicks in full force. power and heart rate down, i am dropping places.

moab - 10 hours, 15 minutes. see a shooting star. i honestly believe it's a sign.

moab - about 11 hours. asthma meds, food, coffee and a coke. back to work. it's times like this that i thank my pit crew for giving me a kick in the ass.

moab - 18 hours. i catch 3rd, but i am cooked. eat and defend 4th.

moab - 1 lap to go. hungry and confused, i think a rider is 20 minutes back, only to find out later they are a lap down. i hammer out a 1:30 lap, regain a lap on josh (who wins) and secure 4th overall in the nats race, the non-nats solo race.. and somehow, though now unconfirmed, a 2nd place overall in the USA cycling endurance calendar.

can i take a break now?

sologoat out


As Minhas Pedaladas said...

"can i take a break now?"
Yes you can!!!

Justin said...

Nice job buddy! Sorry i missed it this year...

Investment Biker said...

Nice work! Way to hang tough! Hope to see you at Chagrin River Cross. I added some single track for you (and me).



angry buddhist said...

Hell no you get no break. You had one. Tibia remember?
Nice job Ernesto.

My name is Stephen said...

No, you can load the car and head to Brevard NC for the Pisgah MTB Stage Race!!! NOW!!!

Sandblogger said...

Great job.

You looked really good there toward the end. I was impressed and excited for you.

Carney said...

Hell of a nice ride, congrats!

Grizzly Adam said...

You looked strong and happy out on course. Great result. Get some rest.

Levelhead said...

Great job!

Dave Harris said...

Awesome return to form man, great ride!

Sure you can take a break if you want, but do you really want to?

I didn't think so.