thursday course pre-ride

another lap down on the famous moab course today. still not diggin' that whole section of hike a bike where you go down a stupid steep rock, hit the flat of about 5 feet, and then face another short hike a bike up the other side.

think that is the general type of stuff on the course that will break many a rider this weekend. course in general is not technical, but throw in sand that slows you down to a stop, the heat, the vast open areas... what it lacks in technical it triples in having to keep mentally sharp during the whole 24 hour game.

solo nationals field is starting to fill, evan plews and kelly magelky are the latest to add their names to the hat. it's going to punchout for sure.

now - time to rest up and relax while the pit crew take in the sites.

more pics up at flickr - check it out

sologoat out


Anonymous said...

12-13 hours into the race- when it starts to get real quiet....think of Marissa yelling "Go Speedgoat Go!".....

We may not be there with you physically, but mentally we are riding the race with you cheering you on all the way!

Ride strong!

Go Solo Goat Go!

Metro said...

Kick @$$ and take names dude.

Good luck.