arrived in moab

IMG_4835, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

and pre-ride complete. won't go too much into details as too many race day enemies are scoping out the blog for hints of course conditions, but check out the moab weather and you'll get the basic idea.

not too many riders in town yet, think i was the first solo to setup camp, with a few teams coming into town a little later in the day.

course is the same as years past, think it's roughly 16 miles if i am not mistaken.

pivot will also be around since outerbike in moab just finished up last weekend, so more help is always needed at 24 hour events. cool thing too is that 2 other pivot sponsored riders will be racing.

for now, time to relax after a short drive through arches national park. check out my flickr account for the latest and greatest pics, will also try to get out 2 more blog posts before saturday.

sologoat out

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Cameron C. said...

Hmmm, that sand looks promising to me. See you in a few.