NEO Cross Series - Cascade Cross

Next stop in the Northeast Ohio cross series was a new venue, the Cascade Cross in Elyria Ohio.

Upon arrival, one thing was obvious – there was going to be a lot of pain as the wall of climb right in that you would start on was hella steep. The A’s would climb all the way to the top, the last 20 feet being the steepest.

The course was typical, a double barrier, some wide twisty turns, then up the hella climb, a screaming downhill into some more fast turns, onto the road, up short climb to dismount over a log, some more twisty’s, more road, a few more turns, dismount for the double barriers and then through the start/finish.


Start would cut the first lap in half and shoot you straight through a field and right up the hella climb.

Gun went off, Cameron got the hole shot and all the rest followed. I was sitting in 6th on the screamer of a downhill. A few others got around me on the road section, and a few laps and hella climbs later, I was sitting in 4th, chasing down Jason.


Chase and chase, my gaps got closer to 3rd, as the gap to 5th place rider behind me grew.

2010 Cascade Cross (16)

Gearing was becoming increasing important on the hella climb and my compact gearing allowed me to carry my speed a little better up the climb. Eventually, I caught 4th with about 5 laps to go.

Jason and I duked it out. He would try to pull away, and then I would return the favor.

With 2 ½ laps to go, I ride beside him and tell him that we call a short term truce and take even pulls until the last lap.

2010 Cascade Cross (17)

On the last lap, Jason leads the beginning portions and onto the start of the hella climb. I put down an all out effort and open a gap. Down the climb, through some corners and a few minutes later, I pull off 3rd place.

Great new venue – hope it sticks around for the 2011 series.

sologoat out

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