dead legs and a twisty one

10/16/10 - physco cross in chicago
ah, just a mere 6 days after moab, i am racing again. not a good idea on paper or in my mind, but my heart was telling me to go. so i headed out towards the new home of speedgoat, chicago, on a late friday.

venue was great, the man-made run over and through obstacle was awesome, but the wind was nutty and my legs felt like rocks. had it my mind to go faster, but the legs were not there.

thanks for brendan carting me around for the day and hosting me for the night.

10/17/10 - NE ohio series - cross creek
with a small venue brings tight corners, no wind and no power straights. my legs were still feeling like rocks, but with so many corners, maybe i could fake it for a little bit.

this was a first ever for me, and brought same flashes of horror.

Cross Creek CX 2010 (3)

what the hell? a le mans style start in a cross race? somehow, i manage a good start, but john and matt sneak in front. paul is nowhere in sight.

Cross Creek CX 2010 (6)

i charge on, chasing and concentrating on the corners.

for two laps, i wonder what is going on behind me, things are still tight. eventually gaps creep out, but not in these starting laps.

my rear wheel gets tapped a few times.

Cross Creek CX 2010 (5)

ah, paul comes ripping around me and charges off towards the lead.

gaps grow, i chase. i stay close to the top 3, my power is there, but my legs are not feeling too snappy. i overshoot a corner and tape gets wrapped up on the back of my bike and somehow i don't break my hand as i reach back and grab the tape off and for a second, i stick my hand in my rear spokes. ouch.

Cross Creek CX 2010 (2)

laps come down, only a few more to go and gaps stretch out. i finish out the day in 4th, 7 days after moab.

Cross Creek CX 2010 (1)

next up - double cross weekend.

sologoat out

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