fruita, day 3

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when in colorado, carry a rain jacket.

todays ride was cut a little short due to the hella short and fierce storm that brought in rain, lighting and some hail for fun.

tomorrow, one more fruita ride then off to the land of moab.

weather looks hit or miss depending on the rain this week, but to be honest, i don't care so much as the dust gives my asthma a little extra boost. more rain, less the chance of asthma - so i tend to cheerish the crappy weather should it so happen.

looking like rain will hit this week, so dust should not be an issue - and then the rain goes away for saturday and sunday.

field at this point is looking pretty slim in the championship division, but the talent is there. toastman and kelly are back, so it's going to be a battle to the end.

after 24 nats, a double cross weekend. going to be some fun going down in the next few weeks.

check out flickr for all my pic updates - 3 sets of fruita pics up already.

with that - some rest and movies in store tonight.

sologoat out

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