10.20.11 update


After two weeks out west, I am finally getting somewhat settled, but not really.

Bikes and gear to sort out from the trip, work has piled up and projects are coming due, and sponsorship proposals to get out. I think I need another vacation.

But, the end of the madness is coming closer to an end and I am getting pumped up for this weekend's Ohio State Cross Championships. It will be a good battle, and it may end up being a battle of Cleveland Cross racers for the state title in the 1/2/3 class.

Sponsorship proposals going out the door, hope to have most of my stuff done by this weekend. Good to see some of them confirm already for 2012 as I have already laid out some of my races for the upcoming year already and I want to thank them for their support.

With that, better run - busy day today getting the bikes tuned up and ready for the trip down south for the weekend.

Hmmm.... What gear to run Saturday?

Ernesto out


ian spivack said...

What races are you thinking of for 2012? I was thinking of the 100K race in NH. Im not sure if im going to do 4 NUE races or not, probably Mohican, New Hampshire, and Wilderness.

Solo Goat said...

doing the majority of the NUE, mixing it up with some other local races, maybe a 24 hour race in there somewhere (or two).