14 hours to 24


Last post before the start of the 24 Hours of Moab.

Rain has been hitting town all week, pushing down the dust and the temperature. Last night saw some frost on the cars in the AM, so I am sure it's going to be a little chilly at night and my pit crew will have their double burners propane heater going on high.

Sand is not so bad this year, areas have been brushed away by the course helpers but the rain has padded the sand down a ton. And, unbelievably, the sport trucks that roam most of the course we ride on has helped packed it down even more.

A lot of teams and riders have rolled in today, solo men field is up to about 30'ish riders. Men's sport and expert classes are getting some decent sized fields, along with the just for fun class.

That's it, time to rest up. I'll try to get a post up on Sunday.

Ernesto out

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