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Thursday here in Moab, and the weather has been a little on the cold side with some doses of rain. Tuesday saw me split town early from Fruita as the temps got cold and the rain rolled in, so I opted to stay dry and head 2 hours to Moab.

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First day in Moab saw me hitting up the roads as the skies were overcast and it looked like it was going to rain. Opting not to clean the bike for an hour, I went out and got blown around on the road.

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Hit up a couple of laps on the Moab course yesterday and as was expected, the course is pretty much the same layout as all the years past. It's pretty packed down from the recent rains, but the sand and wind is still there in sections to rob you of speed and mess with your head. Think of it as riding in powder snow in the winter with all the wind but no totally freezing weather. Put it like that, it seems like heaven compared to a cold February Ohio ride.

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Does not seem to be as many riders rolling in this year, not sure if 24 Hour Nationals had an effect on the turnout - but the solo men field is nearing around 30'ish riders, so we are looking at a decent sized field. A possibility of no Moab 24 hour race next year will add a little bonus dynamic to the event.

AM rain and high temps of only 60 degrees for Saturday will play well for me to keep down the dust which seems to inflame my asthma. Let's hope the wind dies down a bit so it does not blow me or my pit tent off course.

That's it for now - one last post tomorrow before the race, and hopefully an update on Sunday assuming I can feel my fingers.

Ernesto out

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