I am seeing a therapist

And her name is Fruita Colorado.

2011_Moab24 (55)

Sorry for the minimal blog postings, but work has been nutty as of late and the Pivots needed some TLC before I headed west again to Moab - but not before stopping at one of my favorite little towns in Colorado, Fruita.

Next up on the schedule for me is 24 Hours of Moab, my last endurance race of the year. After Moab I will "taper down" and race a full cross season. Ohio State championships is two weeks after I get back, so that should be interesting.

Today saw my first day of riding here in Fruita, and I am happy to say that the trails still kick arse and that there has been some trail work here and there on some sketchy sections.

More on that later - time to grab some food and hit the sack.

Ernesto out.

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