2 race update

First race update: Whiskey Island, this past Sunday


First cross race of the year, and it was a tough one at that. Hella winds on the cement backside, a small sand pit, twist and turns and a few logs. It was going to hurt.

Gun went off, bumping of elbows quickly ensued and a few twist of fates and bad lines from other riders got me up towards the top 6'ish within the first few corners.

Soon we would have things stringed out with a high pace that had most of the field behind and chasing. Paul, myself, Matt and Steve were all in the lead group.

The pace was high, then somewhat slowed down which brought a vicious attack from Paul and he quickly got a gap with about 4'ish laps to go. I tried to chase, but was quickly countered. Hmm....

Matt attacked, I chased for a bit, then sat back. Steve immediately jumped and got across, but it was on the cement section and the wind was at my back. I caught back on quickly.

Back and fourth, then finally Steve attacked and I decided not to chase. Game over unless I could out tactic Matt at the end.

Matt would gap me, but I caught back up to him in the sandpits near the finish. Coming over the logs, I pinched through the barriers and the course markings and got around him. I would take 3rd but get relegated to 4th as I was "out of bounds" for going over the tape in the last corner. Hmmm...

Second race update: Westlake worlds, yesterday
Last race of the Tuesday nighters for me as I got a work thing going on next week so I thought I would go out with a little bit of a bang and try to get as many points as I could.

Every lap was sprint lap, snagged a couple right of the bat, Dave came by me on one other, then I went into stealth mode and snaked out 3 more sprints going from a long way out.

Wasn't the easiest thing to do and it left me a little sapped for the last sprint. Had decent position, but Bob lit up the lead out sprint from waaaaaaaaaaaay out having us making up ground with the line coming up fast - too fast in fact. Shawn would be 5th, I would be 6th.

So, looks like I will wrap up the season in 7th at Westlake Worlds for the year. Had a great time hitting up more races this year compared to last, and I hope to make it out to the majority of them next year.

And - congrats to Dave as it looks like he has wrapped up the overall win for the year.

Ernesto out

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