Interbike day 3

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OK, a few days late in the Interbike posting. Here's what has been going down so far...

Day 1 saw a beutiful day of riding at Bootleg Canyon which is just miles away from the Hoover Dam. Trails were sandy and fast as usual, with a lot of rocks and flat tires to go with it.

Had rides on the new Mamasita and Horsetheif from Salsa and a short ride on the BH cross bike. Pretty low key day of hanging out with the Pivot gang and walking around.

Day 2 saw us back at Bootleg Canyon. Heading out for the early 8am ride heading out to Lake Mead, the shower storms were looming in the distance. I snaked the early start as the ride started on the bike path which also doubled for water drainage and was littered with small rocks and wierd corners. Did not want to deal with that in a pack of riders.

Right before the turn to head towards the lake, I stopped to put on my Gore rain cape and it was just then that I saw the main group coming full on, race mode. Hmm..

A mile or so of people rubbing elbows with me on the wet bike path, we were on the road. Full blown attacks. Stupid.

So I backed off of the pace at the turn around point, but only after I had made the "lead group" and dropped almost all of the pack in the pouring rain.

And, oh ya, I was on the BH cross bike running a 46/36 front rings.

End of day saw me on the new Pivot 429. Rad - write up coming later.

Day 3 saw the first day of the indoor show, and a few new twists as they opened up more floor space on a lower level. Bike vendors were eagerly waiting, willing you to their booth. Ya, it's odd seeig a product that you immediately look at and know that it will never make it in the industry and having somebody trying to sell you opn it.

Affirmed some of my sponsors from this year, hopefully got some new ones for 2012.

With that, better run. Interbike day 4 and a late flight to catch.

Ernesto out.

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