09.02 update

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so, i have been slacking a bit on the posts as of late, but here goes.

past few weeks at westlake worlds have been tough ones to say the least. two weeks back, it was the first race in 2 or 3 weeks and the speed has definitely jumped up a bit.

things came back together at the end, my head was in the sprint, but my legs weren't. the only thing i think i was successful at was blocking bob from a good sprinting line. my legs were just feeling a bit heavy and didn't turn over.

this week, looked like we were about to catch paul, bob and shawn at the end. i sat back and watched them go, thought about making the jump but then thought of the shennandoah 100 this weekend and thought the better of it. i made a little dig at the end, but nobody came with me so i was a sitting duck just 40-50 behind the 3 man group. sprint would just miss catching them...

so i have been catching up on odds and ends, planning next years sponsorship, planning interbike and a new blog site... it's been a busy few weeks.

now - i am heading out to shenandoah, the last of NUE 100 milers this weekend. i am currently sitting in 6th overall. things go well, i stand a chance of 5th which would be super hella cool. if not, 6th place in the series is pretty awesome considering the depth of the field in these 100 milers.

better run - stuff to pack.

sologoat out

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Unicornicopia said...

Good luck! See you Vegas!