IB2011 - Pivot and BH

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First ride of my 2011 Interbike adventure was the BH RX1 cross bike. Sporting a full carbon frame and a BB30 bottom bracket, the bike was quick, fast and very responsive. The bike felt solid and the geometry was dead on.

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The bike was sporting the older glossy Ultegra 10 speed shifting group, with a 36/46 front ring and a 11x25 in the back with a FSA Gossamer crank. Personal preferences would have me switch the rear cassette to an 11x28 for a wider range when in the big 46 ring (the rear derailleur is long caged and can handle it) and maybe a slightly lower weight crank. Otherwise, I have a fondness of the glossy Ultegra as it is lightweight and I feel it shifts just as well as Dura Ace at a much lower price.

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And don't forget the full carbon tapered fork up front, which helps to stiffen up the front end and to eliminate fork chatter under high speed braking. Tapered forks are just an absolute must on any high end cross frame anymore, and it's nice to see it on this bike.

Great riding bike, nice overall setup. Pull it out of the box, slap on some pedals and get ready for an hour of pain (or fun?) at your next cross race.

Next up - the new designed 429 from Pivot.

This new design saves about a half pound from last years model. (ya!)

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And is also sporting a half inch tapered fork. (Stiffens up the front end - awesome!)

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And, a 12mm through axle. (Stiffens up the bike side to side, especially when standing.)

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And finally, the new Fox Adaptive Logic RP23 Kashima shock with custom tuned rebound and Propedal settings. This new configuration allows quick access to the full maximum Propedal setting while still being able to select the other settings based on the course or riding conditions.

Very excited to see these updates on the 429 and the changes are awesome updates to an already great frame. These changes will make my 2012 race bikes even better handling and more responsive then the previous model and will put my race bike weight at under 23 pounds.


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