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TRP introduces an update from their RRL Alloy called the RRL SR. The same basic features of their older lever (push button quick release is very nice) but saving a whooping 5 grams compared to the standard levels, but definitely has a "wow" factor look to it.

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And the talk of show for cross season is the introduction of now allowing disc brake use on cyclocross bikes. So, one has to figure out a way to run standard road levers running standard cables and have them operate hydraulic lines.

Hence, the TRP Parabox which is run below your stem. Have to admit, from photo's I saw before the show, it looked a lot bulkier then what it really is. Weight is around 450 grams for the setup seen above which includes the hose's and the brakes. Caliper up front is slightly bigger then the rear caliper and the pistons inside the converter are also different sizes as well. Setup is intended to give some modulation to the braking instead of locking it up when you panic and grab the levers.

All in all, weight doesn't seem that bad just for this setup, but I not sold on this yet as to run the who setup requires rotors and a bigger hub in the back... And don't forget a spare wheelset too. 135 wheelsets with a road style rim are not that common, especially if you want to run something higher end. Guess if weight is not a concern, this is a good setup - but I won't be running it any time soon.

Ernesto out.

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