Gore Bike Wear Product Review - Part 1 of 3

This is the first of 3 Gore Bike Wear specific reviews - stay tuned for 2 more.

Gore Bike Wear Power Glove

Say hello to the Power Glove that is designed with foam and gel pad to provide cushion where you need it the most, along with a mesh top for ventilation and a terry insert on the thumb to whip off the sweat before you cross the finish line.

I like them a lot as they fit snug and are really help me grip well on the hoods/grips when they get wet. Also, the Power Glove has a great cut to them that does not dig into my boney wrists - very simple thing to overlook but one that makes a huge difference between getting through the extra miles on the bike or dealing with the abrasions on your wrists due to the constant rubbing from your gloves.

Gore Bike Wear Ozon Arm Warmer

Next up is the Ozon Arm Warmer designed with flatlock seams and elastic cuffs. I have been testing them all summer long in temperatures ranging from 55 (to protect from the chill) to 90 degrees (to protect from the sun) with absolutely no issues at all.

Awesome fit, cut and length are perfect, they never fall down and can be worn in a wide range of weather conditions. Great overall arm warmer.

Tech info: Gore-Tex Material, elastic gripper cuff.

Gore Countdown Socks

Nice, thin and tight sock with great support and ventilation. High length helps with ankle protection and protective layer for toes provides impact protection and helps reduce wear and tear - can't tell you how many "nice" pairs of riding socks I have that have holes in the toes. Not an issue with these socks.

Socks are left and right foot specific - and are marked as such (see photo above).

So far, so good with these socks as they have seen their share of 100 mile and endurance events this year. Holding up great and the ventilation helps to reduce hot spots I seem to get during long events.

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