09.21.05 - a goat goes pro

part of the email i received from the guys/gals over at usa cycling:

Dear Ernesto Marenchin,

The following request to change your INTL category has been approved and processed by USA Cycling:
2005-09-13 21:22
Member: Ernesto Marenchin
License: INTL XC
Regarding: Request to change category from Semipro to Pro

Request was approved on 2005-09-21 17:58 by Kelli L.

Thank you for supporting USA Cycling.

--USA Cycling Support

yep, no longer a semi-pro. really doesn't make too much difference as i have been racing against pro's in mountain bike races since my first race about 10 years back.

so, with that, i leave these words of wisdom that i think about a lot and i have probably repeated a hundred times to myself:

the second you stop believing in yourself, you have failed. NEVER doubt yourself.

seriously, to think back a few years ago when i started all of this, all i wanted to do was to win one 24 hour race and somehow get a semi-pro upgrade.

so whether it's turning pro, learning another language, finding another job, etc - NEVER DOUBT YOURSELF.

so dream big.

sologoat out


BikeBlogs.com said...

Congrats goat! I really admire you guys. I ride my ass off just to compete in Sport, and I can't imagine the dedication it requires to be an Expert or Pro.

Adam Lisonbee said...

Nice! So...you coming out to moab or what? :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Goat.! For those that don't know (me).. why go pro.? Are you forced to go pro after a certain amount of wins. How does it work in the endurance mtn biking scene.? What are the benefits.? Are there tax concerns.? If you could explain the structure that would be great - thanks.!

ashwinearl said...

Reading about you getting 2nd and your whole attitude and philosohy towards racing/mtn biking just gives me goosebumps.

Thanks for inspiring.