10.19.05 - random stuff

hey all. not much exciting going on, just freaking out about sponsors for next year. all proposals/resumes going out soon, been working with michael over at the 'goat. he's good at this type of stuff. we are going all formal 'n such. been looking at some other "non-cycling" specific sponsors to maybe pick up some travel costs, entry fees.

speaking of which - i know i never addressed the "why go pro" question awhile back from one you guys out there. i'll get to it - i didn't forget.

some links at ya:
jeff is up to his antics again and is organizing TRANSIOWA 2006. two big changes to the event - about 30 more miles and the fact that it is going to be TOTALLY unsupported. drop site at the half way point - you are NOT allowed anybody there. only the serious need apply. or should i say, enter.

i had to get on her about not posting. once she saw my pink surly single speed, all she has been doing is riding all day while i am at work. and then she eats all my food.

Multi Chem Fast Charger is in the house. (click on the "chargers" section on the link above). Why is this cool? Well, I will tell you why.

Why it is cool reason #1 - 50% faster than 2004 (1-3 hours charge times).
Why it is cool reason #2 - Auto selects between Nimh and Li-ion.
Why it is cool reason #3 - 110/220v compatible.
Why it is cool reason #4 - backwards compatible to year 2000 L & M batteries.

SPEEDGOAT.COM should have these in too, but i haven't talked them about it yet and i don't see it listed yet. as always, if you don't see something on the page, you may just want to call and ask about it. the shop is a dealer for L&M, so they should be able to get it in.

has a little mention of ernesto in the last endurance news issue. they usually are posted on the link above, but the PDF version just came out today so i don't know when it is posted.

in other news...

been trying to find out some info on some local cross races in orville ohio. guess they are putting on two cross races, but i cannot find info. if anybody knows a website, please pass along the info!

that's it - gotta run.

sologoat out.

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Anonymous said...

Took my class to see the Flat Sally website. They were quite jealous that they didn't get travel with you to all these exciting places. We hope Julia gets an "A" on her project. We (my class and I) gave you an "A" for being a great sport and helping her complete her project!