10.27.05 - wheelsets in the mail

yep, sologoat fan, got 2 sets in the mail today. where from, you say? well, mavic was one of the sponsors of the conyers race.

solo winner got 2 sets of wheels - one was a set of 29er mavic speedcity's. nice set of wheels that you can run with either v-brakes or discs. the other was a disc set of crossmax xl's. sooooooooooooo.... they are going to be used to fund the "ernesto moots part order." speaking of which, parts are ordered.

now, just waiting for the frames to get here.

other than that, not much going on - but my lights & motion vega and lithium ion's are getting used more then ever. daylight savings time is going to kill me. that and winter.

new race resume looks awesome, michael over at the shop has worked his magic. looks really nice as he used some high resolution pics that we took back at the time of the speedgoat photo shoot.

bikes will be handed back over to the 'goat here soon, we are still thinkikng about paint scheme/color/etc. need something super flashy that can be seen a mile away. these frames will NOT be sold to the public, nor will they be available. we are just painting them up crazy like to get the word out on the asylums. but you know about them already, don't you?

jeremy over at the shop ordered up the alpha q forks i'll be running on both the moots, super pumped about those. if you are ever over at the shop, got to check his ink out. really nice work. and if you think you know everything about bikes, jeremy knows about a billion things more then you. bmx, cross, track, old brooks stuff, jump bikes, road, downhill.

gotta run. off to milwaukee next week for some training for work, and maybe some fun training too. they have some kind of low key trails around the hotel that i am staying at - by far nothing technical, but there is a lot of mileage there. it's like heaven compared to paved stuff that i ride here all the time -- but then again, when it is wet and cold outside, i still have a place to ride. and not have to deal with dodging traffic.

that's it - gotta run. riding and checking out houses this weekend.

sologoat out.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget- Jeremy knows unicycles, too.

'fixie' dave of the speedgoat team