11.01.05 - work, work, work

sorry for the lack o' posts - been super busy getting out the resumes, selling off old stuff on ebay, doing work stuff. it's been pretty hectic, and i am trying to figure out buying a house. it's friggin' nerve racking.

other than that, been getting in rides pretty much every day, trying to stay fit for the cleveland cross series and get in as much riding as i can before the white stuff hits the ground.

gotta run - my class starts in a little bit. job cost and service management software class for the next 8 hours. should be fun. hope that it ends a little bit early again so i can sneak in another ride on the karate monkey.

later -
sologoat out.

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Anonymous said...

Check your e-mail for Drew's phone number!

Hope you are having fun! You missed a great Speedgoat rider yesterday at Trick or Treating! He tore up the neighborhood gathering candy like you tear up the course at a race! Steady pace, good heart beat, and at the end....he was quite happy!