11.16.05 - my thoughts on TUFO's

hey all - got a request for comment on tufo tires, so i thought i'd post for all ye to see.

tufo's - i have been running the tubular clincher version of the tire ever since they came out a few years back as my main cross racing tire. a lot guys will switch tires out due to dry/muddy conditions, but i got sick of taking them on/off so i ended up just running them for the entire year.

as far as rolling them, i have heard of people rolling the tires using both the tubular and the clincher tubular -- but both were because of incorrrect installation. the tubular incident happened because the guy had some old tubular glue around and glued the tires on less then 12 hours before the race... dah.. the clincher incident happened because the rider didn't check the bead and it was never was on the rim good in the first place.

if you use the tubulars, use the tufo tape. if you use the clincher, make sure you have a good rim that can hold the clincher properly.

i haved used the following tufo cross tires:

Tufo C Prestige Tubeless Clincher Cross Tire

Tufo C Elite Tubeless Clincher Cross Tire

sologoat out.

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