11.30.05 - word up

i am about to go completely nutty - this whole house buying adventure is slowly turning into a nightmare. counter this, counter that, we'll pay for this, you pay that - all this garbage and frustration for what is supposed to be the american dream? i guess one is not supposed to take things personal, but this is just getting out of hand.

so.... at this point, the sellers have said "no" about 10 times too many and i made my last offer and told my real estate agent that if they say "no" at this point, so do we... what a nightmare.

oh well, on to biking news.

not much of it. it's cold in ohio, but we don't have too much snow so that is a good thing. this weekend is the last cleveland cross race (which is double points) and i have a slight lead over 2nd place. i don't have a choice this weekend, got to race well.

next year, i see there is a potential conflict with the wilderness 101 and the NORBA 24 hour national. all yin's wanting to hit them both up may want to contact chris scott (organizer of the 101, and fellow enduro freak who used to race with schwinn). don't everybody hit him up at once as i am sure he is aware of it by now. i hope to do both, but with nationals being on the east coast, there really is no choice to make should the dates stay the same.

i did see the NORBA series made a change to their schedule (they moved the date of the first race) but wish they would move the date of the NORBA on the east coast so that it doesn't have a conflict with the big bear 24 hour.

and for you TRANSIOWA freaks, more mileage with no support. mike curiak must be loving this format.

and - no race pics from last weekend. was hoping to get some good mud shots as i was covered from head to toe. and as a side note, i must say i am surprised my how good the ritchey cross tires are hooking up this year. pretty nice tire.

that's it - gotta run.

may your day be filled with happy biking memories.

sologoat out.


Jill said...

Good luck in he race!

Anonymous said...

Drew thinks you are getting hottie mail! Must be the girl that asked you for an autograph in NY!!!!

Levelhead said...

Buying a home was one of the worst experiences in my life. It's nice when it is all over, but the process sucks ass.

Anonymous said...

Ernesto, what you are going through with the potential home purchase is called the process of negotiation. No one is forcing you to keep countering back and forth with them. If they seem like jerks and are trying to nickel-and-dime you too many times, my advice is to walk away...