11.06.05 - weekend cleveland cross recap

click the title for a link to the offical resuls at the team lake effect web page.

raced on saturday at the cahoon park venue in the series on what was to be a very long and fast course. for some reason on friday night, i decided to drink some wine. and more wine. and a little more.

tummy didn't like this for the first half hour of the one hour race.

paul martin and shawn adams set a pretty furious pace at the begining. i was able to hold them real close, but my stomach was getting all notted up. for some reason during some cross races, my stomach gets really upset - especially if i had certain types of food/beverage within the last 24'ish hours or so. (for example - beer, soda pop, wine, coffee, etc...)

well, my stomach took a turn and i couldn't hold their wheels. so i rode on, until one of the lake effect guys named zak caught me. i pulled for one lap thinking i would just pop him off my wheel, but he didn't budge. so we went back and forth taking pulls - the wind was pretty bad, so this gave me a little break. zak looked pretty good, but i could hear him breathing really hard. when i took pulls, i would try some of my mountain bike skills to gap him through the corners. it hurt him, but he kept up with me.

the last corner was very sharp, and the sprint to the line from there was only about 50 feet. basically, the first man into that corner would get third. zak actually was taking a pull on an earlier lap when he made a really good line through it and went through it a lot faster then i was making it.

so, on the last lap, coming into the straight before the last corner, i jumped really hard and got a gap. (i would later learn that i surprised him and he didn't think i would go from so far out). i held the gap, took his line in the corner and beat him to the line for 3rd. tough day.

so, today i ended up riding in the 30-60mph gusts that hit the kent ohio area. really wasn't that bad as i stayed to the trails and got some protection from the trees.

ebay items all sold pretty well, so the cashola will go to the new moots which i am hoping to pick up this week -- and that's when the asylums will go in for their updates for next year, more than likely.

that's it for today - next race is this sunday, another cleveland cross series race. thinking of heading out east for some of the month of mud series races, but we'll have to see. i wish they would bring back the moraine state park race in PA. that race was hella cool. climbing, rocks, a little mix of everything. I hear they got some new trails there in the last couple of years, but i haven't ridden on them yet so i would like to go out some day and check them out.

gotta run - thanks for checking out the blog. keep the rubber side down.

sologoat out.

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