11.04.05 - quick post

a few quick updates for ya, as i am going to see a show that is being held by the cleveland art museum.

you can see the show HERE got to check out the venue. it's in this huge church with all this crazy stained glassed windows.

and - you may want to check out the SPEEDGOAT.COM BLOG for a picture of how i train in the winter and also another rider winning a 12 hour on his asylum. sweet.

oh, and also new to SPEEDGOAT.COM is the fact that they are now a dealer for maverick frames/forks. they don't have them up on the site yet, but you can call in and tell the guys to order one up for you. and if you don't dig the frames - got to check out the forks. could it be that the owner of the famous speedgoat shop currently has one on his bike? hmmmm....

gotta go - update on the cross race tomorrow late sunday.

sologoat out.

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