10.04.05 - back in ohio

just got back, must ride... looks like a nice day out, going out for a spin before jennifer gets back from columbus.

the goat called this morning, BOTH moots are there, now i just need to go out and pick them up/work on them. i usually get the help from dan the man, so i need to figure out when i can get out there, when he will be there....

which this is all good as my ebay auctions are coming to a close within the next day or so. selling off a bunch of old stuff and the wheels i won at georgia. need to fun the moots frames and this whole house buying adventure i am going on tomorrow.

speaking of which, i got to pay my late rent and run to the bank.

cross race this weekend - on saturday. just got my new TUFO's, so i am going to be able to corner a lot better this weekend.

gotta run - gotta ride - gotta drink my latte

sologoat out

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