11.20.05 - cleveland cross race update

what up?

quick update from saturday's cleveland cross race. small field for the a's, but fast as always. dry conditions made this course fast when the wind was blowing you around. one runup, one double barrier, tons of switchbacks to take your speed down to zero.

i got the lead quick, then paul came up and put the hammer down. i tried to stay within myself as i have been coughing up stuff and had a sore throat since wendesday.

zak and rudy stayed with me, zak pulled ahead and then rudy stayed with me for awhile. i lost rudy in a switchback area and tried to catch zak, but my lungs were not going for it. they felt like they were burning, so i turned off my attempt to catch zak and just rode conservative to the end. next week there is 3 races in a row, so i need to be healthy. i'm hoping that the points that i am down on zak will be erased next weekend as i hope my enduro riding during the year gets me through the 3 back/back/back races.

that's it - gotta run. ton's o stuff to do and no time to do it.

sologoat out.

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Anonymous said...

Do you have a race on Saturday, Dec. 3rd? Will call you to see!