11.08.05 - 3 hours

on the bike tonight. had to get out and ride, but it was all in the dark so i ran my lights in motion lithium ions again. funny - i think i counted 5 cars that actually stopped to see what the hell i was. hella bright light, yo.

not much going on lately, just trying to get things organized for next year, get out some last minute resumes and what not.

speaking of which - looks like schwalbe is going to be a new sponsor for next year as we are hammering out details with them, and hammer gel is on as well. lights in motion and tifosi proposals just were sent out and i am pretty sure they will be a "go" for next year as well.

few others are in the works, michael over at the shop is working his magic on them. we are tying to get things better organized for next year and i am hoping that the added support from the sponsors will help me get to the bigger races. i would really like to get to a few more races and maybe get to a few more of the NORBA's. i have a tentative schedule set in my mind, but i don't want to jinx things at this point.

house hunting is for the birds - this whole offer and counter offer stuff is so not fun. made an offer last week on a house and it's gone back and fourth 3 times now - i made my final offer on it this morning and i am still waiting to hear back.

and tomorrow i am off to the 'goat to pick up the moots and do some work on them. for me, christmas comes a few months early this year.

and - the asylums are going in to the shop for some maintenance and updating. yahoo!

that's it - gotta run.

sologoat out.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Goat.! Love the blog... a while back I asked you to tell me how you become an endurance mtn biking pro. Once that is explained, I'm wondering how that affects you tax wise.

Let a brotha know.!.. I'm curious.