11.17.05 - 20 degrees

yep, it's cold. so i rode the rollers tonight and watched the some of the 2005 tour dvd. here is some of the freaky things i saw when watching:

1. two different guys on the same mountain wearing full bunny suites
2. one guy wearing a superman outfit, complete with cape
3. one guy wearing a spiderman outfit, complete with mask
4. too many euro's wearing speedo's

the dvd seems pretty good so far - they really skip through the flat stages pretty quick and concentrate more on the mountain stages.

interstingly enough, paul and phil mentioned that the average tour rider is 5 foot 9 inches, 70 kilograms in weight (about 154 pounds) and has a resting heart rate of 50. so that would make sologoat about 15 pounds lighter then the average rider of the tour (to note - i am 5 foot 9 and resting heart rate is 50). thought that was an interesting factoid.

another intersting fact - you know how paul and phil seem to know everything about where the riders are racing through? well silly, the tour puts out a book before the start of the race for the commentators. it is sort of like those trip ticket things that AAA gives out that shows the map, where you are and interesting facts about the cities you are driving through.

enough of tour talk (my favorites for the 2006 tour - basso and rasmussen)

i have made some more blog entries at the SPEEDGOAT.COM BLOG. these are way back from the vegas show, but i 3 recent posts (with pics) of the 29er/26er mixed up castellano (got to see it!), and crazy carbon from control tech and san marco. go carbon, go carbon.. i like carbon, but it should be on road bikes only...

that's it - early night tonight for me.

sologoat out.

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