11.03.05 - having a blast in waterford

ya, having a swell time in some cornfields in waterford WI. don't know how i picked this place, but at least it has some bike paths around. here for work and can't wait to get home.

went to get some 'grub last night and nothing was open, so i went down to the local tavern (yep, they don't have bars 'round here) and open entry, turned right around and went up the street to get something to eat. locals were totally hammered and i had to find a place that i felt like i wasn't going to get my arse kicked when i walked in.


cleveland cross race this weekend - right after i meet with the real estate guy joe. should be an interesting day to say the least.

got the word on my moots frames - road frame is on the way, cross frame is another week and half out. hmmm... seem i ordered the cross frame perfectly in time for the season to be over. BUT i do have some new TUFO's coming, so that will be cool - got the blue/black ones.

no word on sponsors yet - still sending out a few. speedgoat/asylum are 150% though we haven't come up with a color yet on the new frames. mostly looking for some clothing sponsors at this point. 3 changes during a race, cold/wet/hot condtions to deal with.... to be set up perfectly with clothes, you have to have at least 3 sets of all types of clothing and that can get expensive as all hell.

especially when you gotta have the bling bling italian mountain bike shoes.

gotta run - must sleep.

sologoat out

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