11.22.05 - hammer on

HAMMER GEL will once again be sponsoring ernesto for the upcoming 2006 season. many details to come on this, but thanks to the good folks over at hammer gel/e-caps for getting me through a successful 2005 season.

one detail to note - they will be on the "ernesto" asylum jersey for next year. this jersey is still a big secret, but the jersey will be available only to yours truely and will be sporting my main sponsors of the year.

TIFOSI OPTICS, Schwalbe Tires, and Light & Motion are the others that are pretty much 100% at this time.

still working on helmets/shoes and clothing. major clothing (jerseys/shorts) i am good on, but i would like to maybe get some other sponsors for base layers, gloves, knee/arm warmers.... don't know how far i'll get with them though..

24 Hour MTB Nationals move to Wisconsin? dates on this is july 29th-30th. i am pumped that is on the east coast for once, BUT i hope that chris scott notices this and moves the date for the wilderness 101 because i would really like to do both.

and speaking of wishing, i wish NORBA or grannygear would switch their dates for the NC NORBA or the Big Bear 24 hour race so i can do both of those too. man, don't they know i am trying to put together a good race schedule? jeez....

bike maintenace day at ernesto's - the k monkey has a new chainring, rear derailler, tires and cables to get me through the winter. trying to get all bike maintenace stuff done soon as the house move is going to suck all my time away from my girlfriends.

i mean bikes.

that's it - gotta run.

sologoat out.

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Anonymous said...

I gave Chris a heads-up re: the potential schedule conflict with 24 Nationals and the Wilderness 101. At this point, he's looking at either 7/22/06 or 7/29/06 for the 101. For what it's worth, I voted for 7/22. Drop him a line and let him know what you think!