10.23.05 - random updates

hey all... not much going on in sologoat world. just been riding a little bit and took a few days off which feels really odd. it's like i spend all this time on my bike that when i am not riding it feels like something is wrong. i know i need a break but i am having a hard time convincing myself.

weather here in ohio stinks - cold and raining yesterday. the ride was prety hard to get through after my hands went numb from the cold rain. i hate cold hands and feet.

been looking at the schedule for next year, saw that there is rumors about 24 hour nationals coming east and that snowshoe is no more. guess the rumor is somewhere in north carolina? and i guess nationals are still out west for both the 24 hour race and the marathon. this is all just rumors though. i wish they would move some of those races east, but i guess the east coast guys can't race in mud and fifty degrees.... just joking... though it would be nice to do a few more national events if they were on the east coast.

oh, and my dad just gave me some pictures from the conyers 24 hour and i'll be posting them this week. think i will do two or three a day, or something of that nature....

and if any of y'all are can get to pittsburgh this coming weekend for a cross race, there is one happening on the 30th. i'll have the link up tomorrow, but it's put on my a long time pal of mine gary dugovich. gary is a big cross freak and does a lot of the races in the MAC cup and tried to get something of the sort started out here in the pa/ny/oh area but it was not to be this year. i wish i could help him out with the series, but i have so much stuff going on as it is. anyhoo, i'll have the flier up tomorrow - and, while i do not know the exacts of the course, i can pretty much bet a million bucks that it is going to be an awesome layout as usual because i have done a lot of his races and it's all good, yo.

gotta run. pics/flyer up tomorrow.

sologoat out.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Gary is a cool guy who really loves cross.

jeff said...

yo man... just bumped into your blog, good posts... i hear ya' on trying to take time off from the bike... hardest thing i've done all year...