10.24.05 - danny chew. super enduro roadie freak.

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danny chew. former race across america competitor/winner that resides in the pittsburgh area. yours truely has gone on many a ride with him back in the days when i first stared long rides with a group of guys of zelienople PA.

danny was also a former member of the US national road team as a junior, but was kicked off the team when he challenged everybody to a water drinking contest two days before the national road race. he won the contest and proceeded to get everybody else sick. he also got kicked off the team because of it.

well, without going into details, he is just a little "different"..... kind of annoying when you first meet him, but after awhile, he sort of grows on you.

any hoo, he has this lifelong dream of riding a million miles before he dies and has this website that has tracked every mile he has ridden since 1978. yep. 1978. longer than some of you pups out there.

any way, i am going to post his last email just sent today... it is entitled "Longest Ride With No Food & No drinks (including water)"

Last week on Friday, October 21st, 2005, I set a new record for my longest ride ever With No Food & No drinks(including water). This means nothing but air got into my
mouth. After eating a huge pancake breakfast, I rode 181 miles from my Pittsburgh home to a Cleveland, Ohio suburb. The weather was cloudy all day. The temperature ranged between 40-50 degrees F, with a cold rain freezing me the last 3 hours. I rode my first century at an average speed of 17.5mph, but the weather and forcing my body to eat itself for fuel slowed my average speed down to 16.5mph by the end of the classic, memorable ride!

I do not recommend that other cyclists try going for this record - as I am a very experienced ultra-cyclist who knows his body very well. I did the record to teach my body discipline, and I beat my previous record of 170 miles by 11 miles! I will most likely someday extend my record to over 200 miles in the future. It has to be done an a cool day so that you are not that thirsty.

yep. freakazoid.

sologoat out.


Jeff Kerkove said...

[insert my face with mouth wide open here]

Solo Goat said...

jeff - you think we have it bad racing for 24 hours...

the last time he did a RAAM, he lost all feeling in his feet for over 1 1/2 weeks.

and, also lost his toenails.