6 hours of power

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course: 10 miles of up and downs. one huge open climb at the begining, tight and twisty single track that somehow seemed to go up as much as it went down. my kind of course and still one of my favorites.

conditions: rain left it really damp during the week and rain the night before left a lot of the single track slick with some slight peanut buttery type of mud. conditions would get better later in the event, but go too fast and your on your face.

gun went off, i had an OK start - somebody clipped a heel of another rider and there was a spectacular fall during the run.

by the top of the climb, i was in the lead and going into the single track, a dirty hary's team rider got past me.

about half way through, ross caught me along with a young dirty hary's solo rider. they would open up a gap on me as i held my steady pace with 5 1/2 hours to go.

two laps in the books, i am ready steady - going hard on the uphills, big ringing the entire first climb until the last little steep pitch. i could see the two solo's in front of me in the distance.

3/4's of the way through, i am maybe 40-50 seconds back.

on the begining of the 3rd lap, ross is about 300-400 yards in front of me. big ring it up to him, and 1rst place is in my sights. put the hammer down again and i am right on the dirty hary's rider.

put the hammer down a third time right as i catch the leading rider and before we get into the first section of singletrack.

by the time i get out of the singletrack, the gap is opened.

i slowly build on my lead throughout the race, and finally the gap opens to roughly 15-20 minutes on the 6th lap.

i head out on my last on 7th lap, ross would take the 2nd overall spot.

great event, glad i can make it back to one of the races where i started my enduro racing.

thanks to all my sponsors and my pit crew - as always, couldn't of done it without you.

next up - 24 hour nationals. got my posse heading out with my new thule cargo trailer to pick me up at the airport just outside of wassau.

sologoat out

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Rick said...

Congrats & a great write up!