firecracker 50 write up

45 starters, 32 finishers - came in at 18th place.

1rst Lap:
Parade start and 5 minutes later, a crash in the main pack and then shortly afterward, the main split in the pack.

I was sitting in the lower back end of a group of riders caught in the back, feeling the full effects of the altitude and the pace.

course was mostly climbing, a few sections of technical and road, and then more climbing on top of that.

First lap went pretty uneventful, as I tried to maintain a 160-175 heart rate to avoid blowing up and maybe trying to pick up a few riders on the 2nd lap.

2nd Lap:
Heat was now kicking in, and a lot of riders were already pulling out. I made up a few more spots moving further up in the field and I was not getting caught.

maintained my place, Finished up 18th overall.

Overall, the course was great, the venue was awesome and without a doubt, colorado has some of the best riding in the country.

sologoat out


Anonymous said...

Ernesto- checked out the pictures on Jeff's blog. Beautiful! Looks like you were riding in "Phantom Canyon"- Uncle George would be proud! AMP

Anonymous said...

Just curious, did you drive out to Colorado? Or fly?

Solo Goat said...

flew out - took the bikes in a tri-all travel bike case and also took out a tri-all wheel box too. $50 for everything, but they didn't ding me for the weight as they did not weigh it...