check it out

check out TWIN SIX and you can catch my first shot at a digital photography career.

pictured: josh "the toastman" tostado at 11,000 feet.

sologoat out


cyclonecross said...

That is a very sweet shot!

JC Sell said...

Sweet pic....you definitely have a future in photography! What camera are you using?

Go get 'em at Nats!!


Rick said...

very cool....congrats!

Solo Goat said...

using the kodak v1233.

takes a good pic, but for some odd reason it randomly has this "share" feature that seems to kick in whenever you are in a hurry to take a pic.

kind of annoying - you need to turn it off, turn it on... then it's OK.

but - it doesn't do it all the time.