off to nationals

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in my new "goat moblie" version 3 - the vibe with the "sticking it to the gas guzzling man" thule cargo trailer.

version 1 was an old van - very cool in that this ride was "pimped" well before pimping your ride was kewl (that's at least twice as "cool" as the normal "cool"). pimped features - shag blue rug throughout, metal shelving to hold my hammer gel bottles, and a panel you could take off from within the van to squirt some stuff in the engine to make it start up. sweet.

version 2 - my sister and brother in law's SUV. back 100 years ago, when gas was $2.00 a gallon and didn't raise on a daily occasion when some dude in some foreign country slipped on a bannana peel and it somehow caused an oil shortage because he couldn't get to work that day, it was great. but, the times, they have a changed.

so, now version 3 - the vibe getting around 30 miles to the gallon with the 5x7 foot thule cargo trailer with extended side rails. hells ya.

that's how the goat posse will roll going out to 24 nationals.

stay tuned for pics/updates later tomorrow.

sologoat out


SquidBuzz said...

Sorry to say, but I won't be up there to say hello.

Question for you about your bike racks on the Vibe. Do you find any type of advantage to putting the bikes backwards on the car? Just curious.


Jeff Kerkove said...

Good luck man!!!

Solo Goat said...

trays backwards - ran them that way to avoid hitting the hatch.

Dan A. said...

Is that a 1/4" hitch receiver. I was always worried about towing anything with my Vibe since the towing capacity is very low. But that is killer set up. Looking up Thule's website now... Great job out there. Hope to see you in Moab.

Solo Goat said...

yep, it's a quarter inch.

trailer is light - and i think the towing capacity on the vibe is around 1300 pounds. trailer ( i believe) was around 300 pounds.

need to get a few small parts: hitch, ball receiver thing (forget what they are called) and the wiring hookup.

wiring hookup is aftermarket...

i'll be doing a post on it in a few days...

Dan A. said...
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Dan A. said...

Yeah, the Vibe has 1500# towing. I didn't know how light the trailer was. Very cool stuff. I look forward to the write up. Thanks!