no rain is good rain

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yesterday was the first day this week that i didn't ride in the rain. guess at least it was warm and i had the lighting to inspire my efforts.

off to a 24 hour nationals warm up race this weekend... there's a few to pick from - i'll let you guess which one i'll be at.

other then getting in the miles, not mucho going on other then planning a few trips that includes possibly hitting up the interbike/crossvegas fiasco again this year. beer handups are always a good thing, hopefully those attending crossvegas will not disappoint and will share their beverages.

better run - packing and that work thing to do.

sologoat out

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Anonymous said...

Goat, I've been focusing on nutrition lately to help improve my racing. Can you blog a little about your nutrition and diet? I am curious what a pro mtb'er eats in a given day, especially with all the hours you put in on the bike....gotta be a lot of calories.