AMC - day 2

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9am start, 9:05 the throw down begins and the group splits.

i'm around 10-15 seconds back of the second group.

i catch another rider just before the first sections of single track and we make up some ground, but he drops me on the first single track climb of the day.

up down and all around, two feed zones and i end up catching around 4 or 5 guys. for roughly 85-90% day i ride alone.

finish out the day somewhere in the top 20 or so, not too shaby for an east coaster. should be interesting to see how things pan out the rest of the weekend.

tomorrow - roughly the same distance, less total climbing.

sunday - short, but hellish. the shortest of the stages also has the most climbing.

sologoat out

(photo credit out to sager)

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