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sorry for the lack of content the last few days - been quite a hectic week of work and riding.

no NUE for me this weekend - passing on it to rest up for few more enduro events this year, then hitting up cross races the rest of the year until mid-december.

vegas is on for me, will be heading out with the speedgoat guys. crossvegas, though i am registered may not happen unless somebody out there loans me a bike to ride for the event - moots, redline, bh - can you help a brotha out?

AMC - somebody asked if it was a cool event and if i would go back. location was really cool, but didn't have too much to offer as far as food/restaurant's/etc goes. if you were taking a family, they may get a little bored if you stay in town.

hiking/etc is all around, though i am not sure if you want to be doing all that when you are trying to race - at elevation.

elevation was a bit extreme, but the views and scenery were spectacular. thought they could of used more trails, but seeing it through the eyes of promoter, that could be a nightmare to figure out logistically for 4 days of racing.

beer - better get it before you get in town. that 3.2% beer is just wrong in so many ways.

would i go back - yep. i think it can only get better with time - you just need to set realistic expectations based on the altitude... you also need to consider that the elevation will defintely help your fitness - i just build it into my training program and go from there.

would also suggest you go out with extra time and check out the parks.

now - need to finish up some work.

looking forward to a long weekend of riding, catching up on house work, a drinking a few cold brews.

sologoat out

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